Gun Range

Come Rent Our Full Auto 


Rental cost is $30 in addition to normal range fees.  You must purchase ammunition from the store for use in the machine gun.  


Free Range Time?

Receive One Hour free range time with the purchase of any firearm and/or bow. 

                                         Range Fees 

Our indoor gun range features 9 lanes of indoor rifle/pistol shooting.  Gun rentals and one-on-one instructors are available.


Half Hour Sessions (Per person)

(Two Shooters) 



Hourly Rates (Per Person)

(Two Shooters) 



Individual Membership



Family Membership

(2 adults, 2 children under the age of 18; additional children are $25 each)**



We do not allow shot, steel core bullets, steel, or aluminum cases. Green tip ammo cannot be used.  Rifle and pistol rounds with lead, copper or copper jacketed bullets are permitted.  Lead or copper shotgun slugs are also permitted.  The range allows rifles .30 caliber and below, pistol calibers, and shotgun slugs.


 Active Military and Law Enforcement with current ID receive 10% discount.

Range can be rented outside of normal operating hours. All 9 lanes are included in price. Reservations are required 1 week prior to use. Minimum of 2 hour rental 


                       Commercial Rates:                           Law Enforcement/Department Rates:                                             

                          2 Hours    $375                                                      2 Hours    $300

                          3 Hours    $550                                                      3 Hours    $450

                          4 Hours    $725                                                      4 Hours    $600 


       Accuracy Unlimited has a variety of rental guns at $10.00

                                           Ammunition for rental guns must be purchased in store.













Tuesday - Friday:
12 pm - 7 pm 

10 am - 5 pm

Sun: 12 pm - 5 pm

Closed Monday 




600 S. County Road 900 W.
Seymour, IN 47274